Inter-Disciplinary Approach

Our multidisciplinary research team is central to achieving the Center’s goals. We have brought together researchers with expertise in epidemiology, biostatistics, public health, environmental chemistry, immunology, toxicology, soil and water chemistry, reproductive physiology, developmental biology, economics and risk analysis. Members of the center will contribute with different disciplinary perspectives to foster an integrated approach to engage in issues related to agriculture/environment and public health.


  • Xenobiotics originating from reclaimed wastewater: Uptake by crops and exposure assessment more info
  • Bioaccumulation of endocrine disrupting compounds by dairy cows via consumption of crops irrigated with reclaimed wastewater more info
  • Serum carbamazepine levels among healthy Israeli volunteers more info
  • Exposure of Israeli children to pesticides via food consumption more info
  • The exposure of pregnant women and their offspring to endocrine disrupting chemicals and organophosphate pesticides and associations with fetal growth and development of reproductive organs more info
  • Pesticide exposure and endocrine health outcomes in Palestinian and Israeli male residents of Jerusalem more info

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