The exposure of pregnant women and their offspring to EDCs and associations with fetal growth and development of reproductive organs

PIs, Ronit Calderon and Tamar Berman

This project evaluates intrauterine exposures to phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), Genistein, and organophosphates (OPs). We further aim to estimate the possible anti-androgenic or estrogenic-like effects of these exposures and to evaluate the association of intrauterine exposure to OPs with birth outcomes. Our study population includes pregnant women and their offspring who will be followed from first trimester through delivery. Exposure assessment will include urine samples in the first trimester and for a subset, amniotic fluid in the second trimester. During the first 48 postnatal hours, the study’s neonatologists will examine the newborn, evaluate neonatal reflexes and features of the genitourinary tract (including the anogenital distance). Ela Ein-Mor has joined CEAEH as a PhD. student in this project. Data collection has just begun.