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Israel Bets On Recycled Water
Benny Hefetz

Benny Chefetz of Hebrew University is testing how crops - here, cucumbers, are affected by pharmaceutical residues that remain in sewage water even after thorough cleaning. read more ...

Xenobiotics originating from reclaimed wastewater

Bioaccumulation of EDCs in dairy cows

Carbamazepine levels in healthy population

Exposure of children to pesticides via food

Exposure of pregnant women to EDCs and effect on fetal development

Pesticide exposure and endocrine health

Israel-France Workshops on will take place on February 6, 2019 in Yehuda Hotel Jerusalem TBC

Visit of three leader in the field of bio-monitoring: Antonia Calafat, Thomas Goen and Holger Koch - will take place on February 11th in Faculty of Agriculture at Zvi Roth's and Benny Chefez labs and in the The Interdepartmental Equipment Facility.

Symposium on bio-monitoring - will take place on February 12th at Tzuba

The Robert H. Smith Vision Prize to Alisa Komsky-Elbaz on "The effect of foodborne contaminants on sperm fertilization competence and early embryonic development"